Monthly Archives: February 2019

Where Else Could We Go?

A young lady whose blog I read has wondered where she stands in her faith now that she has left the legalistic environment of her upbringing. A mother’sentry on another blog states that she has abandoned the Christian faith in spite of being strong and active in years past.These and many others have rejected the performance spirituality that kept them afraid and frustrated, but they have never learned the real message of Jesus for their hearts…

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When the Formula Fails

Imagine yourself in a tunnel facing a wall that appears to seal off the tunnel.  Your goal is to get through the tunnel to the other side but the wall is in your way. Fortunately, you have learned that the wall moves as you push it.  You begin to push the wall down the tunnel,making progress that provides hope for your goal.  However, as you progress, the wall gathers dirt behind it and becomes more and more difficult to push.  Soon you reach the place where the wall no longer moves. What do you do?  You try pushing harder…

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What does it mean to be a Christian?

One of the surprises we discovered at Grace for the Heart is that there are many people from around the world who seek the grace of God but have never come to Him through Jesus. But God has, through His grace, provided one way of salvation. That way is equally available to anyone who will come, but there is only one way. That way is through Jesus…

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Susan had been very active in her church. She read her Bible diligently and tried hard to follow what she had been taught. If you were to pick someone who would reject her faith, you would never have picked her. She had changed…

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Humiliation Manipulation

For several years we observed a phenomenon we struggled to understand. We watched as people in our (insert your favorite legalist/performance community here) group put each other down, humiliated certain people, and offered the most self-righteous criticism we had ever heard.

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