Walk with Me: A Grace Devotional by Dr. David Orrison

An encouraging daily read to learn and reinforce the love and acceptance God has for you. The message of grace shared with positive and simple stories. Leave behind the shame and guilt and fear to find the peace Jesus came to give. 

Dr. David Orrison has taught thousands the way to find real peace with God. From deepest theology to the simplest human need, this message is powerful and uplifting.

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Wonderful Book!!!

I have totally enjoyed Dave’s writing, his Godly insight, his Tender Heart of compassion and how he has exalted The Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord! It’s All About Grace!!!.

Learn about a God who really cares about you, in all your imperfections

David is a great blogger and now we have the blessing of his thoughts on the Christian faith in a devotional.

This is no-nonsense Christianity. As a reformed fundamentalist, who spent a miserable youth under the control of fundamental Christian teaching, and then went on to perpetuate that hatred-filled, fear-filled version of the Bible and Jesus, I eventually reached a point where I realized this was not the God who loved me. Thanks to writings like David’s, I was able to put that judgmental, unloving God behind me and find a God who is my Father and who cares about me.

While this book is laid out as a 30-day devotional, I found myself reading 4 to 5 at a time. Highly recommended.

My best book buy this year.

Dave’s very simple writing is misleadingly PROFOUND. So very healing and encouraging.

Good for newer believers, as well as those who have walked with God a long time. Particularly if you are from a legalistic background or becoming heavily involved with a busy/active church, this is the perfect antidote, brimming simple Gospel truth. Reading ‘Walk with Me’ shifts the focus back to loving relationship with Jesus – rather than good deeds or standards or activities. The reading can be accomplished easily, in small chapters/readings assigned for approx. 31 days. But you won’t want it to end there! I’m re-reading this approachable devotional regularly, to keep my walk with Yeshua at the forefront of my outlook – and rule and conformity based expectations far away from my heart. <3

HIGHLY recommended.