What does it mean to be a Christian?

One of the surprises we discovered at Grace for the Heart is that there are many people from around the world who seek the grace of God but have never come to Him through Jesus. But God has, through His grace, provided one way of salvation. That way is equally available to anyone who will come, but there is only one way. That way is through Jesus.

The same Bible that tells us of Heaven  and the opportunity for eternal life, tells us about sin and the need for a Savior. Those who are honest with themselves admit that they have not lived without sin. No matter what moral code they claim, they recognize that they have failed to maintain the values and standards of that code. The Bible speaks of loving our neighbors, living good lives of kindness and honesty, and being consistently faithful to those who trust us. None of us have lived that way.

Heaven, because it is revealed through the Bible, is what the Bible says it is. It represents life in fellowship with God, who is perfectly good in Himself. Our sin is an offense to Him and is inconsistent with life in His fellowship. But what can you and I do about our sin?

If I have a measuring stick     that is flawed, marked incorrectly, and I use that stick to measure a distance, I will find that my results are flawed. Once I realize that my results are incorrect, should I use the same measuring stick to fix the problem? Of course not. I need something more than what I have. In the same way, because of my sin, I could not fix my life. I could make changes, but I could not solve the core problem. My judgment, my plans, my life were flawed because of my sin. I needed something I could never give myself.

Our sin never surprised God. His plan from the beginning was to bring us to Himself in spite of our sin. He knew that we would want to do things our way and He knew that we would fail. So He set in place an amazing plan. He came in the Person of Jesus to be our Savior. He loved us enough to die for us so that our old lives, infected with sin, could be put away and we could receive His life in exchange. He died for us so that we could live with Him. Jesus is our Savior!

So how does a person become a Christian? Simply by asking! Go to God in prayer and ask Him to wash away your sins, to give you new life, to prepare a place for you in Heaven — all because of what Jesus has done. Don’t tell Him the good things you have done, He knows the truth. He knows the compromises, the lies, the sin. He still loves you. Just come to Him with nothing but your need and trust in His love.

It is as simple as that. Just trust in what Jesus has done and let Him give you His life. Write to me if you have questions and I will be happy to help. Much of this is mystery, of course, but the facts are simple. You need Him. He loves you. He made a way, through Jesus, for you to be with Him forever. Just receive what He offers.

Copyright David Orrison 2018